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Child's name:


Child's DOB:

June 2015

Child's Star Sign: 


Proudest dad moment:

Seeing Jaiden first thing in the morning. Being greeted by an excited Jaiden when coming back home from work. The first time Jaiden ran to me when I got home was my proudest moment and it continues to be the highlight of my day.

Toughest dad moment:

When Jaiden come down with an ear infection and needed antibiotics. He was weak and just not himself, although he soon got back to normal after a few days.

What I wish I'd been told before having a child:

To go with my gut feeling and to be bolder with decisions.

Likes (other than my child!):

  • Spending time with my family 
  • Sport
  • The outdoors 
  • Travelling


Favourite Molly Mojo products & why:

Yoomi Baby Bottle Warmer

Yoomi Baby Bottle Warmer

It has to be the Yoomi Baby Bottle Warmer. I wish I’d had this a year ago. This would have been a godsend in the middle of the night. It would have saved me many vital minutes of sleep!





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