Children brushing teeth

February is Children's Dental Health Month and we know how tricky it can be to get your kids to brush their teeth. Here are some top tips from WooBamboo on how you can make it a fun experience for your little ones!

Lead by example – Brush your teeth at the same time so that your children can see how you do it carefully and for the right length of time. Exaggerate the different steps to make it very clear how to brush thoroughly. If you cannot brush at the same time, try to brush your teeth whilst they are around so they can learn good habits.

Practice makes perfect – Let your children have a go at brushing your teeth so they can see what it is like for you. It will make it fun and make sure to act out that you and your teeth are very happy with the treatment! Alternatively, they can practice on their favourite toy/doll which will keep them interested as it will be disguised as playing.

Add some drama – Talk about WHY children need to brush their teeth so they can visualise the protective function of brushing. “The naughty sugar bugs from our food are trying to attach to your teeth – we must protect them with our superhero toothbrush!”…you get the gist!

Boogie brushing – there are lots of fun dental songs on YouTube or on Apps that can be catchy and fun whilst brushing. If you are feeling musical why not make up a song about brushing with the kids names included – they will look forward to hearing it when it is time to brush.

Fun flavours – these days you can get exciting toothpaste flavours for your child so why not experiment with some interesting ones and let them pick their favourites. There are some great varieties with natural flavours including banana, vanilla and mandarin.

If you have any other ways to make brushing teeth fun for your children, let us know in the comments below!


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