This April Fools we managed to convince rather a lot of you that these DIY Child Microchipping Kits were avalable to purchase! Thanks for being such great sports and here is a reminder of our rather ludicrous "new product"!

DIY Child Microchipping Kits

We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive suppliers in the UK of the latest DIY Child Microchipping Kits.
No one ever wants to be in the heart-stopping situation and panic of losing their child. Now you can make sure your child is safe and their whereabouts known at any time with our easy to administer and virtually painless DIY Child Microchipping Kits.

Every chip has:
• A unique 15-digit number encased in a protective shell which is “read” using a scanner built into a mobile app. Easily monitor & track your own child or use the app to find the parents of a lost child.
• Highly sophisticated GPS that will let you know the precise location, whether a specific floor in a building or their Hide 'n' Seek location up a nearby tree
• Vibration alerts to notify your child of such things as when to take medication or time to leave to meet a curfew
• Built in contactless payment system allowing "Tap & Go" payments.