There are masses of websites dedicated to announcing your pregnancy to the world. The first person I told was my mother when I burst into floods of tears on the phone. I wasn’t expecting to be, well, expecting, so my initial thoughts were rather panicked. Shortly after that I went to the States and discovered a brand of pasta sauce called Prego. I was staying with a friend who had 3 small children who adore the stuff. I awkwardly contorted my body in my friend’s kitchen to get a shot of me, my bare tummy and the sauce. When I returned home, I proudly showed my other half. I announced it with a tone that says, “I just know you’re going to love this. It’s so funny. Aren’t I clever?” Unfortunately, he’s Italian, so his first comment was about Prego not being proper pasta sauce. And the “Prego” play on words was missed entirely. Not a success.

And then, to make matters worse, he would introduce me to his friends and mention I was pregnant in such a way that I always had to clarify that it was actually his child I was carrying... For some reason, outside of my family, I wasn’t keen on shouting it from the rooftops. I only told certain people and even then, only if they asked how I was or what I was up to. (Side note: It’s surprising how few people actually ask you about you.) In one text message conversation, an old friend asked me how I was, to which I replied “Pregnant.” It was at least half an hour before he realised I wasn’t joking.

(Now that I write this, I’m wondering what was so unbelievable about me getting pregnant. Apparently, I don’t appear to be the type!) The final attempt to properly announce that we were expecting came at Halloween. We were off to a party where I knew no one except my other half. I was so excited – I love Halloween and always take advantage of any excuse to dress up. I asked him to quadruple check that it was a Halloween party, and then whipped up an amazing skeleton costume with a little ninja skeleton to attach to my tummy. The day arrived and at 6pm I noticed that my other half had nothing to wear. Armed with nothing but masking tape, I turned his t-shirt into a ribcage and he very good naturedly agreed to let me attack his face with face paint. (I can only imagine what the Uber driver thought of us!) We walked into the party and a hush fell over the room.

We were, of course, the only ones in fancy dress. Feeling incredibly self-conscious and more pillock than pregnant, I tried to hide. To no avail. Everyone in the room was looking at us. Introductions were made and my other half said “and in addition to buying the house, we have some news.” The girls around the room smiled knowingly, nodded and conversed with their men. All except for the host who just didn’t get it. His girlfriend tried to help…

- “What’s she wearing?”

- “A skeleton costume.”

- “Right. What else?”

- “A small skeleton.”

- “Riiiiiiiight. And…”

- “And it’s a small skeleton around her middle region…..”

- “Oh for goodness’ sake...!”

Congratulations were free flowing….once we spelt it out for him!


Overall, I’d say that whilst I enjoyed my announcements (well, except the one where I cried my eyes out!) I don’t think they were, on the whole, terribly successful for sharing our news! How did you tell your friends and family?

Did you have a more positive reaction than mine?