Guest blog by Jane Mason, Midwife and Managing Director of Natural Birthing Company.

Pregnancy is often seen as a joyous journey from bump to baby, with you “glowing” or “blooming”, and spending time feathering your nest with lots of cute baby necessities ready for little one’s arrival. However in reality for many of us this nine months of our lives see us flitting from one symptom to another whilst juggling work and we end up just wishing for it all to over!!

As a Midwife I’ve seen every pregnancy sign and symptom going and as a Mum I’ve experienced most of them myself too. So let me tell you about the “Midwife in a Box” mummy-to-be giftset that I’ve developed that supports you through this journey in a natural and safe way.

For those less than glamorous side effects of pregnancy..

Morning sickness is common, in fact nausea at any point in the day and throughout pregnancy is not unheard of, so Cool it Mama” Cooling Body Spritz is ideal to spritz all over to help with these symptoms, plus it’s safe to use throughout pregnancy too. The spritz is also perfect for tiredness, mood swings, hot flushes and later on in pregnancy helps to relieve the pesky swollen ankles. The blend of aromatherapy oils in Cool it Mama help you to feel cool, calm, refreshed, revived and relaxed; hence it’s also great to use in labour too.

When your skin needs a little TLC...

In pregnancy your skin can become dry, extra sensitive, irritated and/or itchy. It’s worth noting that whatever you put onto your skin can work its way into your system and therefore potentially through to your baby. So whilst you may be mindful of what you eat, it also makes perfect sense to consider what you are putting onto your body for the same reason. Down Below” – perineal massage oil has be developed for the safe use in perineal massage (which helps to reduce the risk of tearing or needing a cut in labour). However this beautiful natural, fragrance free, allergen free oil can be used all over the body as a general moisturiser. Containing Calendula oil it will soothe and calm itchy, irritated skin, whilst Rosehip oil has an affinity with scar tissue – helping with the appearance of stretchmarks (another joy of pregnancy!). This blend of oils with hydrate and moisturise even the most tired of skins throughout pregnancy without any sticky/tacky feeling and then at 34 weeks can be use with full instructions to prepare the perineum for birth.

Relieving those (private) tender areas...

Talking of perineum’s – why doesn’t anyone prepare you for how “down there” feels after giving birth?! I hear this time and time again off new mums! In a nutshell and without getting too graphic it will feel sore “down there” after giving birth, for some women it’s uncomfortable to sit straight, whilst others feel they are walking a bit bow-legged like they’ve just got off a horse! Things can feel bruised and swollen and for some women it can make adapting to life as a new mum just that bit harder. As Midwives we don’t recommend salts baths or rubber rings anymore – the later actually does more harm than good! However Pure Bliss” Soothing Postnatal Compress Solution is literally like TLC in a bottle for those early days of Motherhood. This natural solution contains Calendula and Hypericum plant extracts which soothe and calm any discomfort associated with Childbirth. You can pack it into your hospital bag and use it as and when required, as often as needed straight after birth. Ideal for cuts (episiotomy), tears, grazes, haemorrhoids, swelling and bruising. The solution is added to cold water and wet compresses are then made using a maternity pad/sanitary towel to place directly where needed, allowing instant feelings of relief from any soreness or tenderness.

Soothing sore boobs...

Finally breastfeeding – often seen as the most natural thing in the world! Realistically in my experience for some new mums it can be a time tinged with discomfort and anxiety. So our final product Bosom Buddies” breastfeeding oils has been created with this in mind. To be used in conjunction with seeking advice and guidance on correct positioning and latch from a health professional, our oils will offer comfort and support for full, heavy tender breasts, sore nipples and low milk supply.  The oils will also support any low mood or anxiety commonly associated with breastfeeding issues and can be used as often as required to create wet compresses with the soft organic cotton flannels included in the gift-set.

Midwife in a Box” is therefore the perfect gift for any mummy-to-be to support and guide her through pregnancy and life as a new mum. Ideal for Mother’s Day, Baby-Showers, or as a treat for yourself these products answer your needs throughout your journey from bump to baby.