Top 5 pregnancy apps

Babycentre’s Pregnancy Tracker & Baby app

So many features packed into one little app! The Babycentre website was my one-stop-shop for pregnancy advice when I was expecting, if only the app had been available then! This app is guaranteed to get you even more excited about having a baby and help the time pass in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Here are few of the app’s brilliant features:

-        Guides you through your pregnancy week by week

-        Loads of great pregnancy tips and advice all reviewed by the Medical Advisory Board

-        Wonderful baby development videos to really help you see what your little one is up to

-        Option to keep a photo diary of your bump (so organised!)

-        Baby names finder

Bounty Pregnancy, Birth & Baby app

If the only Bounty you’ve heard of contains chocolate and coconut, then you are missing out. Scratch that, nothing is more amazing than chocolate when you’re pregnant, but this Bounty is a close second. Bounty is an organisation which aims to support families in the transition to parenthood and offers every family advice, guidance and – most importantly – a free ‘Bounty Pack’ full of goodies to help get you started. And now they have an app to make it even easier:

-        Order your Bounty Pack to collect at your nearest participating store

-        Day by day pregnancy updates

-        Exclusive vouchers for various brands (babies are expensive don’t forget!)

-        Baby foot size tracker – seriously! This is so cool.

-        Practical advice on health, preparing for baby, best buys, birth and more

-        Access to leaflets and advice from YOUR local hospital

Contraction Timer

I know you probably don’t want to think about that bit of your pregnancy just yet, but you WILL have contractions and you WILL have to time them before you can set foot in a hospital. I tracked mine using the stopwatch on my phone, and it was totally inaccurate! This app makes it so much easier (tracking contractions that is, not being in labour!) and is something your partner can help with to feel more useful! Top tip: switch off your lock-screen so you can continually use the app without fumbling about for a thumb print or security code!

-        Tracks contractions with a simple tap of the full screen start/stop button

-        Allows you to input contraction intensity (the first few are mild no matter how painful they feel, trust me)

-        Stores duration of and intervals between contractions

-        Review contractions in list or graph format

-        Great for showing the hospital when you arrive!


Making the decision to have a baby is wonderful, but it can have a huge impact on your social life. Whether you are the first of your friendship group to take the plunge, or you’ve moved to a new area, it can feel pretty lonely without any mummy-friends. That’s where the Mush app comes in! You can search for people near you who are expecting, or already have kids, and you can even filter by their interests. So, whether you’re an eco-friendly, cake-baker or a sweary, wine-lover - or even an eco-friendly, cake-baking, sweary, wine-lover – there’ll be a mummy-friend for you nearby.

-        Make mummy-to-be friends locally

-        Down-to-earth & hilarious guides written by mums and expectant mums

-        Mush-ups – local meet ups with other mums-to-be


I’m pretty sure you must’ve heard of Spotify, but if you haven’t, Spotify is a music streaming service. This means you pay a monthly subscription and get access to pretty much any artist/album/song you want to listen to. They do offer a free version, but this does have limitations such as ads and limited functionality. This is on my list of top pregnancy apps because you may want to line up some tunes ready for when baby wants to escape from you, and you want to relax and escape from the world.

-        Stream/download music

-        Great for playing music to baby in the womb (classical music helps them be good at maths apparently)

-        Create as many playlists as you want ready for labour-time!