What did we do before smartphones?! We’ve scoured the app store and selected our top apps for new mums, from ones helping you find local child-friendly activities to those for your children.

Sound Sleeper

When my baby was very young, I often struggled to get him to sleep. I tried to bribe him (stupid) and beg him (pointless), until I had almost given up hope of success. Then someone suggested the Sound Sleeper app to me. ‘Pah!’, I thought, not a chance this will work on my demonic child. How wrong I was. I swear this is some form of witchcraft. If you’re at your wits end, you’ve got to give Sound Sleeper a go.

  • A range of sounds available including rain, womb, market and waves
  • Ability to schedule the length of time you want the sound to play – at the end it fades out slowly to avoid waking the  beauty little beast
  • Option to have the app ‘listen’ so if baby cries, the sound starts again
  • Keeps a record of when baby sleeps so you can track sleep patterns


Some days I want to barricade myself inside the house yet, typically, on those days, my toddler is desperate to leave. This puts me in a bit of a bind as I haven’t planned anything to do. Enter Hoop, an app which lists all the child-friendly activities going on in your area. Some activities are free, others are paid, some are drop-in, some are sign-up only. It’s a great way to get to know your local area too, and potentially make some new mum or dad friends.

CBeebies Apps

CBeebies Facebook page quotes “CBeebies: Helping parents drink their tea while it’s hot since 2002” – truer words have never been spoken. They have several apps which feature your children’s favourite characters such as Mr Tumble, Teletubbies and Charlie and Lola. I would recommend using these apps on a tablet rather than a smartphone as it a bit easier for little ones to use. The storytime app is great as it reads a story aloud and there are interactive sections on-screen. Also the games are mostly educational so you don't need to feel too guilty letting your little one play!


Mentioned on my other blog post, Top 5 pregnancy apps, but is worth including again here. Mush is an app that connects you to other mums in your local area. You can search for people who have children the same age as yours, or by interests, such as baker, wine-lover, working mum etc – so you can meet like-minded people. Mush also has Mush-Ups, which are meet-ups organised by mums for other local mums, and recommendations of local child friendly play areas and activities. Lastly, they have a broad range of articles written by mums, ranging from helpful advice to funny accounts of common parenting struggles.

Do you have any others that you would recommend? If so, let us know in the comments below!