Relton Movember Challenge

“Beard me up Buttercup”

 …my new catch phrase for Movember although I am not sure I’ll last with a full beard that long. I tried to grow a beard once before and within 10 days it annoyed me too much. It actually kept me awake at night because it itched. I have a feeling this time round I will sleep better though, having a son seems to mean I can ‘fall asleep’ much more easily these days…I am sure you can all understand the sleep challenges.

He’s nearly 1 yrs old and although significantly better he still doesn’t sleep through the night. I just keep reminding myself when he’s 13 yrs old he won’t be doing it, in fact I will probably be dragging him out of bed instead.

So here are a few differences I’ve noticed since having a beard (although it’s really not much of a beard at the moment).

- I apologise at the beginning of a meeting because I look scruffy

- My wife kisses me less, a lot less

- I’m going to have a haircut earlier than normal to try and make myself look more presentable

- I’m sporting some grey hairs which most of my family and friends have never noticed before…damn it!

For as long as I continue with this Movember adventure we will give 20% of everything sold in the Dad section of the Molly Mojo website to charity. BUT we need you to help us decide which men’s charity to give the money to! Let us know your Movember charity suggestions in the comments section below.