Team Molly has created this blog post specifically for the iCool range to help you with some questions you may have now, or in the future.

Below are a few tips and important bits of information, which we often get asked:

Travelling with an iCool product

The iCool is specifically designed for travel, as are all the components. The gel packs are filled with Gel and not water. In some instances, albeit very rare, you may be asked for some form of documentation regarding the gel packs by airport security or customs. We advise that you print the attached and take it with you. It is highly unlikely you will not be asked for additional information, but in the interest of a hassle free trip please take this with you.

Testing an iCool travel product

Great news! All iCool products have been tested for you to ensure they meet the strict parameters that are claimed with any iCool product. If you do decide to test your new iCool product you will need to conduct your test to very specific criteria. We do not enclose these criteria, as it is not possible to replicate such tests at home, nor do we encourage it. Be assured the correct thermometers, freezing apparatus and timelines are adhered to. Please read the instructions carefully.  If you would like to read more on how the iCool products are tested then read this article.

The iCool’s most Frequently Asked Questions

I need my iCool urgently, will it arrive in time?

Please read our Delivery Information where it outlines when to order, and guides you on which service to use. If you have ordered an iCool product and are worried you may not receive it on time you can call us on 020 8686 9018 or even pick it up in person at our Croydon warehouse. We will do everything we can to help you.

My iCool Gel Pack has a dent/bump in it, is it safe to use?

Yes, when the gel packs are frozen they sometimes result in a dent or bump forming. This is because many freezers freeze the gel packs rapidly and not in the same point throughout the gel pack, this can result in a dent or bump forming. It does not affect the quality of the gel pack

How long do I need to freeze the gel packs for before I go on a trip?

You will need to freeze your gel packs at minus 18 degrees Celsius for 14 hours or more before you travel. Ensure your freezer’s capability to ‘freeze’ your gel packs to a suitable temperature is optimal and that you freeze them for long enough.

Can I machine wash my bag?

No, you will need to hand wash your bag by hand to maintain its integrity.

Got a question not answered here?

If you have a question that’s not here we would really like to hear from you, because if you’re thinking of it then someone else most likely is too.

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