Holding Hands


Today I was drafting an email to everyone who entered our Molly Mojo Launch competition and who had informed us they were pregnant. I sent the copy over to our design agency, they pull everything together for our emails, when the owner pointed something out to me that shocked me:

“I am conscious some of these subscribers will no longer be pregnant due to miscarriage. The current UK statistics are that among women who know they are pregnant, 1 in 6 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. This would suggest 292 on our list may have experienced or will experience this. It is probably less due to the length of time since they entered the competition.”

I was ‘gob smacked’, speechless and spent the next 30 mins staring in to space. I silently looked around the office of 6 people and it would have meant that one of them had experienced a miscarriage…it made me shiver. The sadness I felt prompted me to add the next few lines to go in to the email newsletter:

“Important: We understand you are pregnant because when you entered our competition between July and August this year you said that you were, and we sincerely hope everything is going well.  Unfortunately, with 1 in 6 pregnancies ending in miscarriage (not to mention other complications), things don’t always go well, and for those people, our thoughts and prayers are with you…and we wish you to be blessed with child as soon as time allows.  You have our full support, whatever your situation and whatever your circumstance.”

It’s very important, ridiculously important, but hardly seems adequate enough. If you have suffered a miscarriage there are places you can go for support, I have listed some of them below:

Miscarriage Association: http://www.miscarriageassociation.org.uk. The Miscarriage Association has a helpline too.

The NHS: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Miscarriage/Pages/Complications.aspx. The NHS has some helpful information on their website.

The Lullaby Trust: http://www.lullabytrust.org.uk. The Lullaby Trust also has a helpline for Bereavement Support and for Information & Advice

The Child Death Helpline: http://childdeathhelpline.org.uk. The Child Death Helpline is there for parents who have lost a child of ‘any age’.

This is not by any means a definitive list, there are more out there, the important thing to know is that you are not alone, and there’s some lovely people (and charities) out there who can help.