lady breastfeeding in cafe

Molly Mojo removes Dove products after seriously misguided advertising campaign

Skincare brand Dove’s most recent marketing campaign “What’s Your Way?” falls foul of many, including Molly Mojo. Molly Mojo has instantly removed the Dove range from its online store in protest of Dove’s lack of stance on breast-feeding in public.

Molly Mojo believes Dove’s attempt to celebrate ‘different approaches and opinions around parenting’ is seriously misguided in its execution.

Khilan Shah, Managing Director of Molly Mojo states, “You can’t sit in both camps. You can’t support those who breastfeed in public and then suggest that you also support those whom think women should ‘put them away’; it’s an untenable stance. To be absolutely clear, we at Molly Mojo, as parents ourselves, wholly support mothers who choose to breastfeed, wherever they choose to do it, in order to feed their baby. We do not support those who are against it”

Mother’s should never be shamed for any choice they make to feed, protect or take care of their child. Any company that does not support this view does not truly understand what being a parent means and all the challenges that go with it.

‘From our Family to Yours’ is the Molly Mojo strapline & supporting parents & families is at the heart of everything we do. We found this latest campaign from Dove to be so utterly unnecessary that we have delisted their products from our site.