April Fools Looks Like We Got You

Happy April Fools! An awful lot of you believed these novelty children's snot catchers were an actual product available to purchase and secretly, we wish they were...Here is a reminder of our crazy new product and please do share with your friends to catch them out too!

New & Exclusive to Molly Mojo: Novelty Children's Snot Catchers

Sucking snot is one of those totally gross things you don't know about until you become a parent. What sensible grown person ever thinks about slurping gloopy nose phlegm via a tube from someone else's nasal cavities? And if you've got the palm-pump version, it still only half removes the gunk, so you've either got a ropey trail or a stubborn bit - both of which need removing with a finger.

Even the babies don't like it! 

No one will ever whip out their Snot Sucker in public, so you end up with your child sporting those thick, drippy, yellow-green trails down their face in the middle of playgroup whilst you're frantically trying to remove them with your sleeve without the other parents noticing that you've run out tissues.

And, ignoring the aesthetics of a Snotty Offspring, possibly the worst thing is when they swallow it & you know they're going to be coughing it up for days!

So, we're pleased to announce we have a brand new range of Novelty Snot Catchers! They hook securely around the ears with a little vestibule for catching the drippage, with various fabulous designs to hide the overflow. They help keep your little one's face a bit warmer in winter and are dishwasher and baby steriliser safe for easy cleaning.

Children's Snot Catcher