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Pampering is not just for babies. 

National Spa Week, for everybody and mind, was last week.

Whether you have a blossoming bump, newborn or little one, being a busy mum or mum to be may mean your beauty regime has taken a hit. A mid-week spa trip is most certainly out the question. Did you even get a chance to take even five minutes to pamper yourself?

I can imagine your immediate thoughts “No - I don't get time” but as a woman, I’m sure you’re good at what women do best - multitasking. Next time you are doing the dishes, ironing or putting on the washing why not put on a face mask as well? If you do this just twice a week with our Youth Glow Face Mask you’ll have a healthy and glowing complexion in no time. 

In a mum's world, you may not get the chance to relax in a hot bubble bath with a face mask and cucumber on your eyes. However, there are still ways of making time for yourself and your skin. As I said, us women are great at multi-tasking. 

Little ones like to make a mess and they enjoy it. When your little one needs distracting, why not encourage them to help you apply your moisturiser or body lotions. They always seem to do a good job of covering your walls and carpets in paint or crayons, so make use of this. Plus kids love to be involved. This is great if you have a toddler and one on the way, to encourage your little one to bond with your bump. 

You’re tight on time, so when you do find that spare moment to beautify, it’s important you use products that are easy, convenient with multiple skincare actions.

Begin with our Coffee Cellulite Scrub, that leaves you with an all over radiant and glowing complexion that also beats many after pregnancy skin concerns all in one. Our Coffee Cellulite Scrub can be used on your face and body to target many skin concerns including cellulite, scars, stretch marks, ingrown hairs, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Bring back your “pregnancy glow” with this amazing formulation by simply swapping this with your traditional body wash. 

Being a tired mum you probably feel like you need an energy boost. You may be surprised to know your skin needs this just as much as you do. Sleepless nights take a toll on your skin, causing an unnourished, dry and dull appearance with a loss in elasticity leading to deeper lines and wrinkles. Our Skin Plumping Serum is a combination formulation of high performing anti-aging extracts, with superfood and skin rejuvenation ingredients. This multi-action formula reduces fine lines and wrinkles, help fight dark spots, scars and other facial blemishes in one simple application. 

So mums, making time for skincare doesn’t have to be a challenge, just remember multi-tasking and multi-action products mean you can still have time for a skincare routine. 

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This blog post was written for Molly Mojo by Chloe Prior from Purity Natural Beauty.