Natural and organic cosmetics are becoming more and more popular as people discover just how effective, gentle and luxurious they can be. Green People has been making certified organic beauty products for 19 years, pioneering organic skin care long before it became mainstream. Today Green people offers over 100 certified organic products, including skin, hair, sun and dental care, plus ranges for babies, children, teens, men and women of all ages.

While organic beauty products are increasing in popularity, there is currently no regulation to prevent non-organic beauty products being branded as organic. This means that a product may contain less than 1% organic ingredients, as well as other ingredients not permitted in certified organic products and still be labelled as organic. All this uncertainty means it can be very difficult for consumers to spot a genuinely natural or organic product amongst the confusing claims. 

The definition of organic

Organic ingredients are grown without manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers, they are also grown sustainably and without compromising the natural biodiversity of the land.

This means that certified organic beauty products are not only kinder to your skin, they are also kinder to the environment. Research has shown that traditional non-organic farming methods drastically decrease the biodiversity of the area. With just 0.9% of the world’s agricultural land being farmed organically, wildlife is being threatened in over 99% of farmed land.

A recent study conducted by an international team of experts at Newcastle University has proved that organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants compared to non-organic. By using organic plant actives like Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Rosemary that are high in antioxidants, Green People’s products are particularly potent.

Ingredients like water or minerals can’t be classed as organic. Only ingredients that can be grown (i.e. plants) can be certified as organic.

How to spot true organic beauty

The only way to guarantee you are getting a truly organic product is to buy ‘certified organic’. Choose products that have organic certification by an independent body, such as the Soil Association, EcoCert and the Organic Food Federation, and look for their official logos on the product packaging.

Organic Certification ensures that very high levels of organic ingredients are used and that no harsh chemicals are added. 

The organic beauty pioneers

After seeing the misleading claims made by other beauty brands, Green People founder, Charlotte Vøhtz, was determined to introduce regulation to the cosmetics industry. She approached the Soil Association, the leading UK organisation for organic certification, to encourage them to form standards for organic health and beauty products. 

In 1999 Charlotte was invited to be on a Soil Association committee to design the first standards for organic beauty. Charlotte, and later Green People’s Cosmetic Scientist Ian Taylor, played a huge role in setting natural and organic cosmetic regulations.