Baby drinking milk on sofa


Ahhhh – milk stains! You never knew these existed until you had your first precious little one. It’s inevitable to find stains on clothes, blankets and baby bottles until your baby weans from milk completely, which could last a good year. But did you know these commonly held myths were untrue?

Myth #1 – Baby bottles with milk stains are entirely normal and OK.

This problem is surprisingly more common than you think, but being common doesn’t mean it’s OK.

The Nimble team surveyed 650 mums and found that 80% have experienced this annoying problem. On baby bottles, these milk stains commonly result to cloudiness, greasiness and smelly odour and these are quite disturbing, knowing that your little one is feeding from them. When you start seeing, feeling, and smelling the milk stains, then we’re afraid it’s not a very good sign.

Milk stains are primarily made up of milk fat and proteins that are left unwashed. They become food for tummy-upsetting bacteria, so it’s best to get rid of them as much as you can.

Myth #2 – Sterilisers can get rid of milk stains.

Sadly not. Sterilisers only kill the bugs and do not remove the milk fats and proteins that develop into milk stains over time.

Milk fat and proteins are quite stubborn and love being on plastic surfaces. These can only be removing by washing the baby bottles thoroughly.

Myth #3 – Washing-up liquid is the only solution.

It was – until the team at Nimble came up with Nimble Milk Buster, the award-winning and patented baby bottle cleaner that washes away cloudiness, greasiness and smelly odour left by milk stains.

Von Sy, a chemist and entrepreneur, developed this product after his sister complained of these exact frustrations experienced by other mums.

Unlike regular washing-up liquids, which are made using industrial chemicals that target heavy food grease, Nimble Milk Buster contains plant-based ingredients that are specifically chosen for their natural ability to detach milk fat and proteins from plastic.

It’s also free from chemical fragrances, so it won’t leave your bottles smelling like washing-up liquid.

Milk Buster’s spray bottle makes it easy to prevent milk stains building up. Simply spray, brush, and rinse to make them look, feel, and smell like new for longer.

And you aren’t restricted to baby bottles: Nimble Milk Buster can remove stains and residues left by milk from any plastic, such as breast pump accessories, children’s cups and bowls, smoothie makers, protein shakers or even your coffee machine!

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