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Brush-Baby Kidzsonic Toothbrush 3-6 years

  • Small Brush Heads

  • Shorter flossing bristles help clean between teeth

  • 2 minute timer to ensure thorough clean

  • Light weight handle

  • Batteries Included

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Brush-Baby Kidzsonic Toothbrush 3-6 years

Brush-baby Kidzsonic toothbrush is made with shorter flossing bristles which are ideal for children who have gaps, missing or crooked teeth. The longer bristles clean between teeth and the gum line. This ensures that all areas of the mouth, teeth and gums can be cleaned.

Dentist Recommend…

The British Dental Association recommend that regular brushing prevent decay and that tooth brushing should be supervised until the age of 7 years. Severe tooth decay in milk teeth can harm your child’s permanent teeth. Replace tooth brush head every 3 months, or sooner if the brush head is damaged.

Make Brushing Teeth Fun

The Brush-Baby Kidzsonic Toothbrush will make brushing teeth a fun part of the daily routine. This is an interactive toothbrush that encourages young children to brush their teeth twice a day. The 2 minute light timer and 30 second reminder helps children to take responsibility for their oral care, and instil good habits from an early age. Brush-baby Kidzsonic toothbrush generates 18,000 strokes per minute. It is very important to create and maintain good oral care from a young age, as these habits will last forever.

From Our Family to Yours

A few months ago, one of our Molly Mojo team was concerned that their toddler was struggling with toothbrush time. They were slightly sceptical about trying an electrical toothbrush, but decided to give oy a go. The result was astounding…toothbrush time now fun time!


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Each pack contains one tooth brush, two replacement heads and one AAA battery

How to use

Preparation & Usage

  1. Wet bristles with water and add a pea size amount of toothpaste
  2. Press the power button once for light and again to turn on toothbrush
  3. Brush each of the 4 sections (upper, lower, left & right) of the mouth using the 30 second interval.
  4. Move onto a new section when the brush pulses at the 30 second interval.
  5. Press button to turn off after all 4 sections have been cleaned.
  6. Rinse the brush with water and leave to dry.

Further information is available in the enclosed leaflet.


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Safety Warnings

This is not a toy. Please store out of reach of children’s reach.


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