Periproducts Denti-Brush Interproximal 0.5mm 6 Brushes

New Denti-Brush Interproximal's specially formulated coating on surgical steel grade wire eliminates potential damage to teeth and gums and reduces 'galvanic shock' effect. Medium texture filaments for maximum cleaning effect.
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NEW. PERI DENTAL CARE. Gently and Effectively Removes Plaque and Debris. Flexible handle and brush. Extra strong, durable and long lasting. Gently and effectively removes plaque and food debris from between the teeth. Medium textured bristles allow gentle and effective cleaning. Flexible rubber-like handle. Tip of handle bends to increase control and allows access to difficult-to-reach spaces. Plastic coated wire to reduce potential damage to teeth and gums. Durable surgical quality wire for greater flexibility. Each brush has its own hygienic protective cap making it ideal for travel. Available in 4 colour-coded sizes to accommodate individual needs: PINK 0.4mm, ORANGE 0.5mm, BLUE 0.6mm, YELLOW 0.7mm. Periproducts INNOVATION IN ORAL CARE. Contains: 6 interdental brushes and 6 protective caps.


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Caution: Overly excessive flexing of the brush may cause breakage.


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