iCool Medicube Isothermic Travel Box (36 hours Storage)

  • Keeps medicine at 2 to 8°C whilst travelling

  • Keeps medicine cold for up to 36 hours

  • Dual ice packs

  • Netted storage compartments for medicine

  • Important Note: If you are ordering within one week of travelling please contact us for further delivery advice (020 8686 9018 or [email protected]).
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iCool Medicube Isothermic Diabetic Travel Box

Another totally cool product brought to you by Molly Mojo. The iCool Medicube is the bigger then the Prestige and holds more medication but as you would expect it’s bulkier for transportation. However, it still keeps your medications organised, portable and cool. The iCool Medicube is designed to hold over a months supply of your medications and keep them at a temperature between 2 to 8 degrees celsius. It is water resistant, extremely durable with numerous compartments to store your medications in. It comes with two gel packs which are used together to keep your medication cool. 

The iCool Medicube Isothermic box is a perfect travel partner when you need to take heat sensitive medication with you on your trip.  The iCool Prestige includes refreezable gel packs and will give you years of service.

Molly Mojo's special tip:

  • you will need to freeze the gel packs at minus 18 degrees celsius for 14 hours or more before traveling.

The Medicube cavity size is 9cm (width) x 18cm (length) x 14cm (height). External dimensions are 20cm (width) x 20cm (length) x 16cm (height) and weighs 2.25 kgs.

The iCool MediCube includes 2 refreezable gel packs and will give you years of service. One hard gel pack has dimensions of: 14.5cm (width) x 18.5cm (length) x 3.5cm (height) and weighs 856 grams.

Some of the iCool benefits are:

  • holds everything in one place
  • for any heat sensitive medications (i.e. insulin, growth hormones, L-Thyroxin, polyarthritis medications)
  • keeps your medication between 2 and 8 degrees celsius for 36 hours
  • stores over a months supply
  • practical and discrete

 Here’s a little more detail on the types of medications it can be used to support:

  • Diabetic Medicines, including insulin
  • growth hormones (Nulvopin, Novotropine, Ounitrope, Genetonoru, Saizen)
  • L-Thyroxin
  • Polyarthritis medication (Enbrel, Humira and Forsteo)
  • Pen or vial medication which is sensitive to heat

 Please note: Whilst the manufacturer of this product has taken care to create a product to assist you in keeping your medications cool the responsibility is ultimately yours as there are variables out of the manufacturers control. 

 iCool Tips:

  • You should always keep your iCool bag closed unless accessing your medication.  
  • Ensure your freezers capability to ‘freeze’ your gel packs to a suitable temperature is optimal and that you freeze them for long enough
  • Freeze the gel packs at -18 degrees celsius for 14 hours or more
  • NEVER place your medication in direct contact with the frozen gel pack
  • Do not machine wash your box


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