Centrum Performance Multivitamins 60 Tablets

Centrum Performance multivitamins is formulated for sportsmen and sportswomen, and those leading busy, active lives. It is specially formulated with an active combination of 23 vitamins, minerals and herbs. Higher levels of antioxidants and B vitamins can help unlock energy and protect against free radical damage.
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Centrum Performance Multivitamins 60 Tablets

Centrum Performance is specially formulated for highly active people, like sportsmen and women, to support an energised life style! Centrum Performace tablets helps sustain mental and physical energy. Centrum Performance is a complete daily multivitamin with minerals supplement, specially formulated for sportspeople and those leading busy lives! With Ginseng & Ginkgo Bilobo

Centrum Performance is a Multivaitamin with minerals, food supplement for Adults. Centrum Performance is a complete daily multivitamin with minerals supplement for highly active people to support an energised life style!

Helps unlock energy from food needed for your mind and body.

Ginseng & Iron may help your body sustain energy and stamina needed for physical performance.

Iron plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood needed for concentration and work performance.

Iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin E can help maintain a healthy heart and circulation.


Additional Information


Centrum Performance Multivitamins Contain:

Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate,Potassium Chloride,Vitamin C,Bulking Agent E460,Calcium Carbonate,Magnesium Oxide,Ginseng Extract,Ginkgo Biloba Extract,Gelatin,Ferrous Fumarate,Niacinamide,Stabiliser E1201,Vitamin E,Bulking Agent E464,Starch,Calcium Pantothenate,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Oxide,Vitamin B6,Silicon Dioxide,Sucrose,Vitamin B2,Emulsifiers: Magnesium Stearate,Stearic Acid E433,Vitamin B1,Beta-Carotene,Modified Food Starch,Cupric Sulfate,Chromium Chloride,Vitamin A,Thickener: Acacia Gum,Folic Acid,Lactose (from Milk),Sodium Selenate,Sodium Molybdate,Potassium Iodide,Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil,Biotin,Vitamin K,Vitamin B12,Vitamin D,Colourants E110, E171, E129

How to use

Centrum Performance Multivitamins Usage:

Take one tablet daily with water, preferably with food. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
A healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet are important. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. If taking other supplements, please read the label, since they may contain the same ingredients.
Product contains iron, which can be harmful to children if taken in large doses.


Additional Information

Safety WarningsStore out of sight and reach of young children.
Suitable for adults over 16.
This product is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.
The container inside this pack is sealed for your safety. Do not use if the foil is broken.

Always Read the Label