Magicool Hot Weather Cooler & Freshener 200ml

Magicool Hot Weather Cooler is an instant body and face cooler for adults and children. It provides instant heat relief in sun-baked cars thru cooling people, pet's hot air and surfaces.
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HOT WEATHER COOLER & FRESHENER Instant body & face cooler for adults & children. Instant heat relief in sun-baked cars NEW, PATENTED. THE WORLD'S FIRST MAGICOOL (Patented) is the world's first and only, safe instant body cooling spray. Scientists have successfully formulated this unique spray which is delivered cool even in hottest weather. Magicool instantly cools and refreshes your body and face on hot days and muggy nights. Offers instant heat relief when entering sun-baked cars. CFC free, non-toxic, safe to use on the skin and does not discolour fabrics. Hot days. Muggy nights. Sun-baked cars. Leisure. Sports. Health/First aid.


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IngredientsAqua,Dimethyl Ether,BHA,MEA - Borate,Parfum

How to use

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. COOLING BODY & FACE: Hold can at a distance of 25cm (10inch) approx.; close eyes spray on face. Spray on body as needed. CAR USE: Open door, spray interior and hot surfaces for 30 seconds approx. Enter car, open window or switch on air conditioning. Spray body and face as needed to achieve extra heat relief.


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