Mundicare Burn Aid Burn Kit

  • cool and soothes

  • helps relieve pain

  • Contain:

    • 10x10cm gel impregnated dressing

    • 5x gel sachets 3.5g

    • gauze bandage 5cm

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Mundicare Burn Aid Burn Kit

A handy first aid burn treatment kit. This pack contains a mix of Burnaid® products including dressings and sachets of hydrogel, so you always have the right treatment on hand.

Burnaid dressings are sterile gel impregnated dressings which can be applied onto the burn area to provide a cooling effect to help relieve pain. The dressings are impregnated with a hydrogel which donate moisture, and provide a physical barrier against contamination. The dressings are for the first aid treatment of burns until medical attention is sought.

How Burnaid Dressing Works

  1. Burnaid Dressing creates a protective barrier to pathogens
  2. Maintains a cooling effect post initial first aid
  3. Helps prevent skin dehydration, by donating moisture to the burn site
  4. Low-adherent design, for easy removal at assessment
  5. Burnaid Dressing helps to cool and soothe the burn and assist in pain reduction


Additional Information

IngredientsBurnaid gel contains 4% melaleuca oil, and is for the first aid use on minor burns, scalds and sunburn.

How to use

1: Place burn under cold running water for 20 minutes. 2: For small spot burns, apply Burnaid hydrogel liberally to burn area. For larger minor burns, place the Burnaid impregnated dressing over the affected area. 3: Bind lightly with the bandage if required. 4: Repeat application in 30 minutes or as needed.


Additional Information

Safety WarningsFor the first aid treatement of burns. If your burn is severe, or covers a large area, seek medical attention. Not recommeneded for use for more than 2 hours. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not store at extreme temperatures. Do not use if seal is damaged or broken. For external use only. Contains triclosan as preservative. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.