Munchkin Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

  • Helps transition to the big bath;

  • Suitable for 6 - 24 months;

  • White Hot indicator helps prevent bath time burns;

  • Textured non-slip surface;

  • Contoured headrest;

  • Great for Travel.

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Munchkin Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

The baby tub that doesn't get you in hot water. Parents can be sure the bath water is just right for baby without constant testing and guessing. This award-winning inflatable tub has a special White Hot dot that turns white when the water is too hot, then turns blue when it's just right.

The adorable ducky tub has a contoured headrest and is fully padded for babys total comfort. Textured bottom so baby won't slip. Can be used on the counter or in the tub. Great for travel - deflates and folds easily.


Additional Information


How to use

To Inflate:

  • Inflate by mouth or use low pressure pump. DO NOT OVER-INFLATE. Do not use high-pressure compressore or pump. Inflates to 79cm x 48cm.
  • Blow into the valve while squeezing the base of the valve slightly.
  • Once inflated, press the valve into stem so that the valve becomes flat with the surface of the Duck Bath.
  • Recommended use - place inflated duck into dry, adult bath.

To use:

  • Before placing child in bath, fill bath with warm water. Allow water to sit for a minute.
  • If the word HOT becomes clearly visible, then the water is too hot for your baby. Add cold water and mix until the blue colour begins to return to disc.
  • Continue until bath water returns to a confortable, safe temperature.

To clean:

  • Clean with sponge using mild soap and water.
  • Do not use detergent or bleach.
  • Allow to completely air-dry before storing.


Additional Information

Safety Warnings

For your child's safety and health. DROWNING HAZARD infants have DRAWNED in infats bath tube, always keep infant within adult's reach. To prevent drowning, never leave unattended while bathing. Use under adult supervision for intended purpose only. Babies can drown in less then 2cm of water. Water level should not reach baby's shoulders. This item is not a toy. Always check the water temperature before placing child in the bath. An adult should test water with their own hand before giving children a bath. Do not rely solely on accurancy of safety discas colour chane funtion may cease to work properly and may become worn over time. Test safety disc regularly and replce bath at first sign os wear. Discard bath immediately if punctured, torn or damaged. Safety tips: Always within arm's reach of your child during bath tim. Do not allow your child to crawl arround or stand in the bath. This product is not for use outside of the bathand is neather a life-saving device nor a floataion device. Please keep packaging for future reference.

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