Munchkin LATCH Powder Formula Dispenser

  • For easy feeding when you're out and about

  • Infant formula dispenser

  • Suitable for use with all formula brands.

  • For quick and easy acces to pre-measured forumla

  •  BPA-free and top rack dishwasher-safe

  • Great for cereals too!

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Munchkin LATCH Powder Formula Dispenser

There's no need to lug around a large container of powdered formula when you and baby are out and about.

Munchkin LATCH™ makes on-the-go bottle feeding easy with this smartly designed Powder Formula Dispenser.

To prevent spillovers from compartment to compartment when you pour, this dispenser is designed with a flexible seal to keep your carefully measured formula in one place.

Each dispenser allows for quick and easy access to your pre-measured formula.

Works great with baby cereals as well.

So you can have baby's meal perfectly prepared wherever you are.

  • Superior performance - flexible seal ensures powder remains securely in each section
  • Colourful, modern design
  • Three divisions to hold pre-measured formula, for up to 9oz bottles
  • BPA-free and top rack dishwasher-safe


Additional Information


How to use

Munchkin LATCH Powder Formula Dispenser

Directions for use:

  • Remove lid, fill with single servings of powdered formula or cereal (follow formula manufacturer's instructions).
  • Replace lid and twist until spout is over desired compartment before pouring into bottle or bowl.


Additional Information

Safety Warnings

Munchkin LATCH Powder Formula Dispenser

For your child’s safety and health.


  • Always use this product with adult supervision.
  • Before each use, inspect the product.
  • Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness.
  • Always check food temperature before feeding.
  • Before first use, clean the product.
  • Do not boil or steam sterilise.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents.
  • Do not expose to prolonged sunlight.
  • Do not let child walk or run while carrying the product.
  • Do not place in a microwave or hot oven.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Not suitable for freezing.
  • Please read and retain this information for future reference.
  • Remove all packaging components before use.
  • Conforms to EN 14372