Medicare Digital Thermometer

Medicare Digital Thermometer is a great product for measuring a body temperature accurately (6 times faster than traditional thermometers). Comes with dual scale (both Fahrenheit and Celsius) on clear LCD display.

  • Dual reading (°F and °C)

  • Flexible tip

  • Suitable for babies, children and adults

  • Suitable for oral, under the arm or rectal use

  • Memory recall function

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Medicare Digital Thermometer

Medicare Digital Thermometer is a 10 second digital thermometer with dual reading. This is a great product as especially designed for maximum patient comfort and temperature reading accuracy.

Increasing the body temperature is one of the first signs for health getting worse. That is why, it is very important to always have a device which can help us measure the body temperature accurately. Measuring the temperature of babies is even more difficult but Medicare Digital Thermometer can help you in this with its flexible tip, designed for maximum comfort. The product is completely suitable for babies, children and adults. Medicare Digital Thermometer can be used orally, under the arm or rectally.

With its dual scale, Medicare Digital Thermometer can be easily switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Another advantage of Medicare Digital Thermometer is the clear LCD display and a 10 second fast measurement time (6 times faster than traditional thermometers).

Medicare Digital Thermometer has a special sound beep when it is ready to be used and the same sound beep when the measurement is completed. It also has a fever alarm when the temperature measured is of 37.8°C or higher. So, you can know that the body temperature is going to the bad zone even while using Medicare Digital Thermometer. Another feature of the product is the memory recall function which allows you to keep the results of your body temperature and monitor your recovery.

Medicare Digital Thermometer comes with a battery with 200 hours (or 12 months) of life. It may happen that you forget to turn off the device after using it. The auto shut off function of the product ensures maximum efficiency. Medicare Digital Thermometer automatically turns off if not used for 10 minutes.

Medicare Digital Thermometer is CE Certified.

Pack Contains: 1x Medicare Digital Thermometer


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Box contains: 1x Medicare Digital Thermometer

How to use

How to use Medicare Digital Thermometer

  • Before taking the patient's temperature, check whether the column of liquid is below the first numbered line (35°C).
  • Clean the glass thermometer before and after each use. In doing so, please pay attention to the 'Notes On Cleaning' section.
  • Position the thermometer on the body according to the method of measurement to be used (axillary, rectal or oral). After approximately 4 minutes, the temperature will have reached the body temperature.
  • The temperature can be read by rotating the thermometer gently. The measuring fluid in the glass capillary of the thermometer shows the measured body temperature on the temperature scale.
  • After measuring, the liquid must be returned to the bottom of the scale. To do this, hold the thermometer as close as possible to the upper end and shake it with 15 to 20 rapid wrist movements.

NOTE: Always disinfect the thermometer before and after use (risk of infection and/or cross contamination). In hospitals, disinfection must be carried out by experienced personnel.


Additional Information

Safety Warnings

Medicare Digital Thermometer

Please always carefully read the instructions that come with Medicare Digital Thermometer.

Before and after each use, clean the tip of the thermometer with rubbing alcohol or soap and lukewarm water.