Munchkin Baby Food Feeder

  • Helps introduce puree or mashed foods during early weaning stage.

  • Helps reduce risk of choking. Help develop self-feeding habits.

  • A silicone pouch for pureed foods to pass through.

  • Cap is ideal to hold and use.

  • Suitable from 4 months

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Munchkin Baby Food Feeder

Introducing solids is one of the many exciting milestone in baby's first few months of life.

The look on their faces upon tasting something other than milk is priceless (and adorable)!

This convenient Baby Food Feeder offers a safe and easy way to feed baby purees, whether it's store-bought jars or homemade baby food.

It has a small hole at the bottom, which allows food to pass through in digestible amounts, and an on-the-go cap which is perfect for travel or preserving purees in the fridge.

The soft silicone pouch allows for easy feeding of mashed bananas, veggies, and more.


Additional Information


How to use

Munchkin Baby Food Feeder

To clean: Rinse or soak in warm, soapy water immediately after use. Then, scrub with soft brush.


Additional Information

Safety Warnings

Munchkin Baby Food Feeder

For your child's safety and health. Warning!

Always use this product with adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. Always check food temperature before feeding. Before first use, clean the product. Do not boil or steam sterilise. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Do not expose in direct sunlight. Do not place in a microwave or hot oven. Not suitable for freezing. Please read and retain this information for future reference. Remove all packaging components before use. Conforms to EN 14372